How Our Carbon Fibre is made

How is Carbon Fibre made?



The Carbon King's line of carbon fibre products are made to the Highest Standards possible, with Durability, Fitment and Quality in mind, yet offered at an Affordable Price. 


The production process starts with us creating a Steel Mould from an Original Manufacturers Part (oem). The product is Scanned using 3D Computer Technology to enable a 100% accurate part to be produced.


From the Steel Mould, multiple layers of Carbon Fibre Cloth Sheets are fused together with one Top Layer of Decoration Carbon (either 3K Plain or 3K Twill), all of which has resin (glue) already mixed within it (hence the term 'pre pregnated' or 'prepreg' for short).

Our 100% Carbon Fibre product only use the above materials, however we also sell Carbon Fibre/Fibreglass composite which includes a layer of Fibreglass on the inside of the product which adds slightly more weight (due to more resin used) but costs slightly less to produce.

Plain 3K Carbon Fibre

Twill 3K Carbon Fibre

Once ready the Steel Mould is connected to a Vacuum Bag (which sucks out the air and ensures the correct shape if formed) the item is then placed in an Autoclave Oven (pictured below) to help cure the part. 

Once cured, the part is then trimmed and Sprayed in either a Clear Gloss or Matt UV Resistant Lacquer, then Wet   Polished by Hand. 

All our products are then passed to our Quality Control department for Inspection prior to dispatch.