Clutch Covers

Ducati Clutch Covers 

The Carbon King are proud retailer's of the best in carbon fibre clutch covers, suitable for a wide variety of Ducati motorcycle models and years. Available in a spectrum of stunning designs to complement the look of your favourite machine, they combine top quality materials with great aesthetics to offer a great look, excellent performance product. 

Finished in plain or twill weave and with a choice of matt or deep glossy lacquer, our Ducati clutch covers add real style to your Ducati, and are made from the best quality carbon fibre material that’s available on the market. Whether you’re looking for a sleek, open star design, a stylish slatted design or a classic closed clutch cover, you’ll find it here. 

The carbon fibre material is made from 2mm, 3k fabric, hand made using steel moulds and finished using an autoclave oven, and given our amazing hand polishing treatment. Protected from corrosion, UV rays and general weathering, these top quality items are made to last, being strong, resilient and lightweight. Easy to install, with all required holes pre drilled and metal bushed included, we’re sure you’ll love our clutch covers – pick one up for your Ducati today.