Motorcycles Security & Anti-Theft from Datatag 

Our motorcycle security and anti theft products include the brilliant Datatag range of products, which are proven to greatly reduce the chance of your motorbike being stolen. Datatag’s electronic security identification system is an innovative and effective theft deterrent for motorcycles. While the more traditional security devices go some way to helping protect your bike, evidence shows that professional thieves aren’t always put off by locks and alarms. By fitting a Datatag device to your machine, its identification technology means that even if your bike does get stolen it can be traced and identified as your own. 

How does this amazing product work?! The tiny transponders that are hidden in your motorcycle, along with the system’s Datadot microdots provide a multi-layered identification system, even in cases when number plates have been removed or changed. Data shows that this fantastic system has, since 1992, had a 100% success rate when used as court case evidence. Professional criminals will be aware of this and are significantly more likely to leave well alone when they see the Datatag warning decals on your motorcycle, knowing it won’t be an easy target!


Purchase a great value Datatag security system today from The Carbon King and you’ll be securing the future of your pride and joy. Built to last the lifetime of your scooter, this is undoubtedly a great investment for your bike. What’s more, if you decide to part with your motorcycle, or scooter, the Datatag registration can be transferred to its new owner quickly and easily. Have a look through the items below to read press releases and watch a short film about this amazingly successful, self-fit security system from Datatag, suitable for all Motorcycles and Motorsport/ATV Vehicles.