Gear Indicators

Datatool Gear Indicators for Motorcycles 

Datatool, established since1985, were one of the first companies to introduce electronic safety and security devices for motorbikes. Today they are well known to be one of the world’s top motorcycle accessory companies, and their safety and security systems for bikes and mopeds are hard to beat for their quality and performance.  Because we know how important the security and safety of your motorcycle is to you, we supply a great range of Datatool security products to help you keep your bike secure while it’s on or off the road. 

The Datatool digital gear indicator for motorcycles, for example, is suitable for use on all motorbikes equipped with an electronic speedometer and rev counter. This hi-tec and innovative system provides the rider with a visual indication of the gear in use, for up to 8 gear ratios, preventing incorrect gears and upping the safety and performance of your bike. Perfect for ensuring you take corners in the correct gear, and preventing you from the distraction of having to search for gears, this easy to install product comes with a unique programming mode, which intelligently learns from your riding and calculates the relationships between your speedometer and rev counter. It also comes with an auto-dimming function for night-time use.

Don’t compromise when it comes to riding safety and performance, and choose Datatool’s digital gear indicator system for your motorbike.