Heated Grips

DATATOOL Heated Motorcycle Hand Grips

Datatool’s latest range of heated motorcycle hand grips, designed and produced in the UK, feature Thermagrip technology for the ultimate comfort and safety. Providing increased comfort in the colder months and complete with unique integrated control slider with four different heat settings, Thermagrip hand grips include fully adjustable temperature control and connect directly to your motorbike’s battery, and operate with minimum battery drain. They come complete with a pre-fitted in-line fuse and battery connectors.

Their large surface area and ergonomic design ensures a substantial contact area for higher levels of heat transfer and comfort, and the waterproof design enables safe use and comfortable riding even in wetter conditions. Putting control at your fingertips the setting slider is integrated into the left hand grip, preventing riders from needing to take their eyes off the road and making for a safer ride with no additional parts required.

For your added peace of mind the unique voltage sensor technology causes the grips to switch off when the engine is not running, preventing the grips from accidental use and protecting your battery from running flat.

What’s more, because we are so sure of the quality of the Datatool products we stock, our heated hand grips come with a twenty four month warranty guaranteed. With its simple two-wire installation system, easy assembly instructions come with all Thermagrip purchases to ensure quick and effective fitting. Suitable for handlebars of 7/8 inch diameters.