DATATAG Security for Motorbikes 

Here at The Carbon King we are proud suppliers of Datatag security for motorbikes, the market leading motorcycle and moped security systems. Offering an unrivalled deterrent for 'would be thieves', these brilliant products mean that should the worst happen and your pride and joy is stolen, your chances of retrieving it and the culprit being brought to justice are greatly increased. What’s more, because Datatag there’s so much evidence that shows just how efficient and reliable are the security systems offered by Datatag, you can expect a reduction in your insurance premiums from  your insurance company. 

We also sell a range of motorsport vehicle Datatag security systems, suitable for go-karts, track cars, track bikes, race bikes, motor cross bikes and even ATV Vehicles. The success rate of these items is 100% since 1992 – these amazing statistics translate into all court cases with Datatag systems used as evidence having successful outcomes. And because professional criminals know this, the Datatag decal on your bike is often enough of a warning to leave well alone! 

Easy to fit with no etching of parts required, these products use an innovative, hi-tech coding system which hides tiny transponders within the fabric of your bike to identify it as unique to you. With such an amazing price tag and such fantastic results, this is one product you can’t afford to miss for your bike!