Stickers for Motorbikes 

While we might be best known for our amazing range of top quality carbon fibre parts and accessories for motorbikes and Minis, we also stock a few other fantastic products to enhance the look of your bike. Our sticker collections, for example, are a great way to make your favourite machine stand out in the crowd.

 Available in our range is the stunning Agip sticker pack, which contains nine Agip stickers of different shapes and sizes. Guaranteed to make your bike look extra slick, the pack includes two large stickers (12 x 8 centimetres), three medium stickers (8 x 6 centimetres) and four small stickers (6 x 4 centimetres). Or why not show people that you only shop with the bet, with our Carbon King branded stickers which come in packs of five – incorporating a large sticker (17 x 5 centimetres), two medium stickers (8 x 2 centimetres) and two small stickers (4 x 1 centimetres). With their foiled gold crown these looks amazing glinting in the sunlight! 

We also supply body and wheel stickers which include our great wheel rim sticker set, suitable for most bike ranges. The vivid red Moto GP look, or the stylish silver edging, is achieved by these easy to fit stickers, which are a real bargain and are made to last.