Scooters & Mopeds

 Datatag Security for Scooters & Mopeds 

Datatag, the leading manufacturers of security systems, have a fantastic range of security devices that are specifically designed for scooters and mopeds, and we are proud to stock them right here at The Carbon King. Including glass tag transponders, tamper evident warning and re registration labels, warning decals, UV etching and Datadots (microdot identification tool), this is an unbeatable range of products. 

These innovative and hi-tech systems are the most superior security devices you can buy for your scooter or moped, and not only have a 100% success rate when used as evidence in court cases, but are proven to be amazing deterrents for both opportunist criminals and seasoned professionals. The Datatag decal on your scooter or moped is often enough to put off a ‘would be thief’, and with a massive reduction in criminal activity to scooters and mopeds using Datatag’s systems, they are one product you can’t afford to miss out on. 

Providing your scooter or moped with a unique code to make it uniquely identifiable as your property, these easy to use, self fit products meet the highest security standards and can even help to reduce your insurance costs, demonstrating just how effective they are. Approved under the Thatchams strict new TQA scheme, they feature a ‘stealth’ UV reactive etching system and are suitable for all small motorcycles and scooters. Have a read through the press releases and amazing video testimonials below, and browse the wide range of products we stock by Datatag.