Chain Guards

Suzuki Chain Guards 

Want a practical yet great looking addition to your Suzuki motorbike? Have  a look at our great collection of stylish chain guards, suitable for a variety of Suzuki models including the GSXR 1000, GSXR 600 750 and more. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products here at The Carbon King, and our Suzuki chain guards are no exception…


Made from the best carbon fibre material you can buy, we are confident that you’ll love this product as much as we do –and your Suzuki certainly will! The head-turning deep gloss finish is created through meticulous hand polishing with a specially designed lacquer which reduced UV damage, temperature damage and general weathering, helping to keep this long lasting product looking and functioning at its best for longer. 

The 2mm, 3k carbon fibre fabric is super lightweight and one of the strongest and most resilient materials available for motorbike parts and accessories. Easy to fit at home, with all holes pre drilled these items are crafted using steel moulds and are cured in an autoclave oven. They are possibly the most stylish way to keep your Suzuki chain free of debris – and your pillion free of chain dirt and grease! Have a look through the items below to see what chain guards we currently have available for your Suzuki bike.